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Biggs Pest Control deal with a wide range of pests inside homes and business properties, as well as outdoors in outbuildings, sheds, garages gardens, country estates and so on. We service the whole of Kent, Essex, London & Surrey.

If you suspect you have a pest, call our expert team to arrange an onsite survey.


Trails of neat lines of ants across worktops, around door frames and across patios, have a certain hypnotic quality about them. Although ants are not a danger to human health, you do not want to share your home or outdoor space with colonies of thousands of ants. Call us for more information on how we deal with nuisance ants.

Bed Bugs

A growing problem not just in the UK, but countries across the world, bed bugs grab a lift on clothing, bags and pets. Finding their way to your bed, they will enjoy a blood meal as you sleep. Infestations can require repeat treatments as bed bugs and their young are hardy and robust. But we can deal effectively with bed bug problem, no matter what the scale of infestation.


A nuisance to both humans and pets, the itchy bites left by fleas can become inflamed and infected from scratching. Fleas are common in all households, not just those with pets. Treatment needs to coincide with pet flea treatment but with our methods, your home can be flea-free in no time.


A hazard to human health. If you spot a cockroach in your home or business premises, you must call our team immediately. Some prefer the humidity of the kitchen, whilst other species prefer the cool of the basement but, where there is one cockroach, there could be hundreds more. Capable of spreading bacteria, any infestation must be dealt with quickly. Call us without delay.


They may look cute but mice do enormous damage to property and materials by gnawing. Mice are also incontinent, spreading a nasty bacterium over every surface they touch which can lead to an unpleasant illness. All our treatment methods are humane, causing little suffering to mice but ensuring your home is rodent-free.


Feared and detested, the rat can make a nest in your property including sheds and garages, at any time of the year. Producing several litters of young each year, controlling the rat population is a key issue for many local businesses. Rats are considered a danger to human health. Spot a rat? Call the team at Biggs Pest Control.


They are striped yellow and black flying insects, a sign that they carry a nasty sting in their tail. Unfortunately, like other pests, they can build their nests in places that are inconvenient, presenting a significant issue for you, your family, customers, pets and so on. Wasp sting venom can be fatal for some – ALWAYS call the team at Biggs Pest Control for wasp nest removal. Do NOT try to do deal with it yourself.


The ‘Velvet Gentleman’ is rarely seen but excessive mole hills across lawns and fields can mean unstable ground, liable to collapse. Bad news for landowners, farmers and sports clubs, the mole needs to be trapped and removed, and tunnels sealed. As an experienced pest expert, who better to call than Nathan at Biggs Pest Control?


A wood-boring beetle that lays its eggs in tiny holes, the woodworm larvae does the damage as it emerges from the wood. Laying eggs in moist wood, a significant woodworm infestation can lead to damage expensive to repair. Treatment is quick, simple and affordable so as soon as you spot the pin prick holes in furniture or structural timber, call our team.

Unidentifiable Pests

On the rare occasion that we find a pest that cannot immediately be identified, we have access to fast high tech laboratory analysis. If you need help with identification, then please give us a call as we can help!


A common sight in the countryside of Kent, the rabbit is a prolific breeder. Capable of breeding within weeks of giving birth to a litter, the population must be controlled. Not just a rural issue, we offer long-term rabbit control contracts to customers throughout the county. Call for a quotation.


A bird that has swapped its natural cliff-edge habitat for urban buildings, the pigeon enjoys the opportunities that city and town living offers it. But they damage buildings and facades which is why pigeon proofing measures from Biggs Pest Control are the ideal solutions.


Aggressive when they protect their young, seagulls can learn new behaviours and routines which is why they can frequent certain areas, especially if they know they will have a ready supply of food. As with pigeons, the only effective method of control are bird proofing measures. Call our team today.


All birds can cause a problem when they roost and flock in large numbers. Murmurations of starlings may look impressive but can spell disaster for buildings – bird proofing measures are an affordable investment.


A large species group, there are many beetles that can cause problems inside and outside of properties. The carpet beetle, for example, can chew holes in carpets and other soft furnishings, leaving an expensive trail of damage in its wake.


Flies appear close to a source of protein-rich food. Find the problem and remove it, and the flies should disappear. There are many species of fly, however, that can cause a nuisance in the home or business. Capable of spreading bacteria, it pays to deal with the fly problem sooner rather than later.


Moths fly in through open doors and windows and once they find a suitable material, usually folded and stored in a dark, dry place, they lay their eggs. The emerging larvae eat through wool blankets and other stored items. Many more eggs can lurk which is why you need effective and professional treatment from Biggs Pest Control.


Feared and detested, there are no dangerous or poisonous spiders in the UK. But that is no comfort if every room in your home seems to have a family of spiders creeping across floors, walls and ceilings. Call us – we can deal with all spiders.


Clever animals, the fox has learnt to adapt and take advantage of opportunities presented by urban living. As a population, we need to change our habits to discourage the nocturnal fox from visiting gardens and bins across the county. Call our team for information on our fox control services.


Insects are characterised by a three-part body and three pairs of jointed legs – and there are thousands of species of insects. Weather conditions can favour one over the other, which is why we can deal with certain species of insects at certain times of the year. Call our team for an onsite assessment and quotation.


A member of the rodent family, the grey squirrel cannot be trapped and then released back into the wild. If you have a grey squirrel in the loft or in an outbuilding, call the team. Red squirrels are a protected species and must not be handled – call us for our professional advice and solutions.

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